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Sorry I haven't updated sooner, but ever since I heard that Angel was canceled, I haven't been able to write. Or go to work. Or leave my apartment. Or stand upright. I've just been sitting in a corner, weeping silently, for days now.

More not fic. And it's political this time!

Previously......Justin has ebola and is hospitalized. Brian watched LoTR and has an identity crisis, but is cured by Michael. Brian once again attempts to cure Justin's ebola with sex.

Brian and Justin lie on the hospital bed, breathing heavily. After a moment, a trickle of blood runs out of Justin's nose.

Brian - Are you cured yet?'

Justin wipes his nose and examines the blood on his hand.

Justin - I don't think so.

Brian sighs.

Brian - But I fucked you three times in a row!

Justin - And while it was a lot of fun, I don't think fucking cures ebola.

Brian looks puzzled.

Justin - It's possible that your cock is not a magical cure-all.

Brian - I just can't agree with you on that one.

Justin sighs and turns on the TV. Brian looks at the clock.

Brian - Give me three minutes, and we'll fuck again. That should do it.

The doctor walks into the room.

Doctor - How are you feeling, Justin?

Justin - My dick is a little bit sore.

The doctor frowns.

Doctor - Ebola doesn't usually cause urinary tract problems.

Justin - No, it wasn't the ebola. It was Brian getting me off four times in the past half hour.

The doctor turns to Brian. Brian shrugs.

Brian - I was helping.

Doctor - Well, I don't think that...whatever you're doing is the answer. However, Justin's symptoms have lessened somewhat, and he hasn't had any secondary infections. I think a day out of the hospital might help.

Brian's eyes light up.

Brian - He can leave for a day?

Doctor - Yes. Of course, if he passes out or starts bleeding profusely again, bring him back right away. But if he seems all right, just bring him back at the end of the night to be re-evaluated.

Justin - Where do you suggest I go?

Doctor - Anywhere, as long as it's not too stressful for you physically and there's plenty of fresh air.

Brian - I know just the place!

Justin - There's no fresh air at the baths, Brian.

Brian pouts.

Doctor - Just make sure to be back here this evening.

The doctor leaves.

Justin - Cool. So where do you think we should go?

Brian - There's plenty of fresh air in the alley behind Babylon.

Justin notices something on the television and turns up the volume.

Justin - Wow! They're having gay marriages in San Francisco!

Brian - I thought this fic takes place in the future.

Justin - It does. That's why there's an entire TV network that shows nothing but Mutant Enemy programming, including Angel, which is now in its thirty-eighth season. But social change takes longer than other things, so politically, we're still at the stage where the Mayor of San Francisco is giving out marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of state law, in order to spark a court battle which will hopefully lead to civil rights legislation which gives all people the right to marry, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Brian - Are you still talking?

Justin - Shush.

Brian - Your mouth could be much better occupied right now.

Justin turns off the television and turns to Brian.

Justin - Let's go to San Francisco and get married.

Brian - How can I most accurately portray my reaction to that idea?

Brian ponders this for a moment.

Brian - I would rather suck Ted's cock.

Justin - The doctor said I need to get out for a day.

Brian - I would rather let Ted fuck me

Justin - If I don't get out, I might not get better.

Brian - I would rather put on a dress and let Ted fuck me in the ass in the middle of the Mall of America, while a live feed of the event was broadcast over every major network.

Justin - And nothing would make me feel better than us going to San Francisco and getting married. Without this, I could never recover from my ebola. I could die. And then who would suck your cock every morning in the shower?

Brian - There's a line around the corner of potential applicants just waiting for you to flatline.

They stare each other down for a moment.

Justin - If you don't come with me to San Francisco to get married, I will vomit blood all over your new Armani suit.

Brian picks up his car keys off the nightstand.
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