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Today I was in Best Buy for over an hour looking at DVDs. But then they made me leave, because they said the way I was moaning was disturbing the other customers.

Justin lies in a bed in a hospital room. Brian sits nearby, smoking a cigarette.

Justin - You're not supposed to smoke in a hospital room, you know.

Brian - Says who?

Justin - I think I saw a sign in the hallway.

Brian scowls and blows some smoke towards Justin. Some blood spurts out of Justin's left ear and lands on the wall next to him.

Justin - But even if there isn't a sign, you still can't smoke. It's a law or something.

Brian - Stop worrying about me and start worrying about clotting.

Brian puts out the cigarette. A doctor enters.

Doctor - Hello, Mr. Taylor. I understand you've been having some trouble with internal bleeding.

Justin - Yeah, I keep coughing up blood. And leaking blood through my eyes. And my ear just spurted some blood over there.

The doctor turns to Brian.

Doctor - And are you a family member?

Brian - No, I'm just the guy who fucks him.

Justin - He was smoking right before you came in. Tell him he's not allowed.

Brian - Shut up, you twat.

Doctor - So you two are...together?

Brian looks at his watch.

Brian - I'm only here until the baths open at six, and then you're on your own, motherfucker.

Justin smiles.

Justin - He loves me.

Doctor - So have you been having any other symptoms?

Justin - I keep passing out unexpectedly, but that could be from the blood loss. And I think I have fever.

Doctor - Did you take your temperature?

Justin - No, but on the way here, Brian said I was hot.

Brian - I said your ass was hot.

Justin - And then we fucked in the elevator.

Doctor - ...okay. So have you taken anything to try and treat this?

Justin - Dick.

Doctor - Um...anything else?

Justin - Semen.

The doctor looks at Brian questioningly. Brian shrugs.

Brian - The boy likes dick.

The doctor turns back to Justin.

Doctor - Are you allergic to any drugs?

Justin - I'm allergic to every drug. Even Tylenol.

Doctor - No one's allergic to Tylenol.

Justin - I figured out a way.

The doctor puts down Justin's chart.

Doctor - Well, your test results show that you have Ebola hemorrhagic fever. There's no cure for this, but we'll need you to stay in the hospital for now so that we can balance your fluids and electrolytes, and treat any infections that occur as a result of the virus.

Justin - How long do I have to stay here?

Doctor - Until you either get better, or die.

Brian - Dammit. Who's going to dance with me at Babylon tonight?

Justin - You can't go to Babylon. You have to stay here with me until I either get better or die.

Brian sighs dramatically.
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