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More of my not!writing.

Previously...Justin has ebola. Brian decides that the only cure is anal sex.

Brian and Justin lie in bed, looked tired, satisfied, and a little bit sticky.

Brian - There you go. Just like that last time, when you had the PTSD or whatever the fuck. Cured by my dick.

Justin reaches up and touches his nose, which feels damp. He withdraws his hand and looks at his fingertips, which are bright red.

Justin - I think I'm still bleeding internally.

Brian sits up and looks perplexed.

Brian - But how can that be?

Justin shrugs.

Justin - Maybe I need to be like, hospitalized.

Brian shakes his head.

Brian - No, no, no. There's a very simple system at work here. You are in pain, I provide you with cock, you are cured. It's foolproof. There can be no deviation, lest the healing powers of my spunk be compromised.

Brian notices that Justin's eyes are wet and pats his on the shoulder reasurringly.

Brian - Don't worry; my spunk is still magical. No need to cry.
Justin - I'm not crying. That's just blood coming out of my eyes.
Brian - Good. I'd hate to think you were upset over something.
Justin - Nope, not upset. But I think I need some more treatment, what with the blood coming out of my eyes and all.

Brian nods thoughtfully.

Justin - Maybe it would work faster taken orally.

To be continued...
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