not sisabet (notsisabet) wrote,
not sisabet

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated my journal. I've been so busy vidding.

I've also been busy not!writing fanfic. I don't write, you see. I just make very, very detailed outlines of things I want other people to write.

So here's my latest not!piece!of!writing.

One day Justin woke up and realized that he was bleeding internally. He vomited some blood on the floor, and then walked out to the living room, where Brian was arguing with Michael.

Michael - We finally got the body-switching undone, and learned some valuable lessons in the process. It's over now, Brian.
Brian - No! We have to switch back! I never got a chance to suck my own cock!

Justin interrupted them by pitching forward and bleeding from his ears.

Michael - What's up with him?
Brian - I don't know.
Justin - I think I have ebola.
Brian - Well, there's only one cure for ebola. Anal sex.

to be continued....
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